Friday, January 29, 2010

Apple iPad

January 7th, 2010, Apple releases iPad, some think its revolutionary, others think it's a load of crud.

Right off the bat people have found things to pick at the iPad, no webcam, no USB, too much of a border around the screen no widescreen, no multitask, and no Flash. No Flash means less versatility on the web and no web based YouTube. USB was a big thing to, the iPad comes with a USB adapter for photo's, but only photos. No webcam, no video chat. Too big of a border around the screen blocks too much content. And no HDMI output, which means no HDTV on a big screen from the iPad.

Flash was not included, for safety reasons against virus's. But the iPad has a special YouTube that doesn't require Flash. Most major websites that use Flash have an iPhone/iPad version of the site that works without Flash, making the web versatile and iPad friendly. The border around the screen is so that you can hold it without hitting any buttons on accident, and it's really not that big. The screen itself is big enough to make the border fade in the background.The iPad comes with a USB adapter for photos, but you can’t stick a jump drive in you iPad.

The iPad has just come out and Apple usually doesn't put "the norm" on all their products, like a webcam, they like to keep it simple. The iPad will have a webcam soon, probably in a year or so to catch up with other tablets. Multitasking isn't on the iPad as mentioned earlier, the iPad is not a computer, so you can't expect it to do what a computer does. Right now you’re probably thinking "what about Netbook's? can't they multitask and have webcams, do everything the iPad can and more?" Netbooks are slow, they run old PC software, and there just not good. Apple makes things better, this is for people who want to browse the web, E-mail, watch movie’s, play games, listen to music, read books and blogs, way more than a Netbook can do! Well yeah it can’t multitask, but it’s designed to compensate for that with a fast interface. The Netbook tries to be a computer that’s smaller and cheaper, but we’ve seen how that works out, slow. The widescreen complaint is uncalled for, you can use widescreen with the black bars while watching a movie or you can make it full screen by double tapping. And the screen has great graphics like the iPhone and iMac, great for watching movies. No HDMI output is pretty lame but it will probably come out with that later. The iPad is not a Netbook either, it’s better. The iPad is a device for people who mostly use their Smartphone’s. The iPad is a Smartphone on steroids. Now that Apple came out with a tablet, other’s decided to come out with a tablet as well. Coincidence? I think not. Apple is a leader, they have the best product’s, just more expensive. All the other tablet’s that will come out are supposed to have everything iPad doesn’t, multitasking, webcam, USB, etc. I would bet that these tablets will not run nearly as fast or efficient as the iPad. And obviously slow and steady, doesn’t win this race.

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