Saturday, December 5, 2009

"Viva-La-Vida" What Does it Mean?

There is a lot of controversy surrounding this song. Lots of people say that the person (or king) Coldplay is talking about is King Louis of France during the French Revolution. This is commonly accepted Because: one, it talks about a revolution, two, it talks about a guillotine. The guillotine was invented when King Louis was king. In the song it talks about things in Jerusalem ("Jerusalem Bells"). Some people may think it's Jesus because of this, Jesus didn't die for our sins via guillotine. People don't generally think that theres another form of execution, but near the end of the song he says "just a puppet on a lonely string". The lonely means one, imagine a puppet with one string, it looks like it's being hanged. So I don't think Viva-La-Vida is pointing to any particular person but just a story artistically and mystically written.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Three Ways to Eat Oreo's

One day I got hungry, that wasn't unusual, but today I found something sweet to eat, an Oreo sent from heaven. but before I ate, I contemplated how to eat it: to lick the white stuff and then eat the chocolate stuff after, to just eat it, or to place peanut butter on it and then eat it. I didn't choose the first reason which is mostly accepted by small children though not all. Perhaps I didn't choose this because of the imminent danger of the white stuff getting on my nose, thats really hard to get off if you don't have a long tongue. The second way, though both, chocolate and white stuff, are fairly proportioned it seemed the norm and boring. This method is commonly used by busy adults when they need to go somewhere. I chose peanut butter on the Oreo, it may sound gross but the chocolate and peanut butter are perfectly mixed with whatever that white stuff is. It makes my mouth water and my stomach hungry to think about how good Oreo's and peanut butter are.